Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Rock Collective Art Show!!

Visit the Threadless store on the evening of February 6th for the anticipated cardinal art showing by the Black Rock Collective. The BRC is an international group of artists and friends who thrive through collaboration and the sharing of ideas in an environment rich with varying artistic backgrounds and styles. As many BRC members initially met through the shared interest of Threadless and the t-shirt industry, they are especially excited to be presenting their first show at their alma mater. A few representing members of the BRC will be present for chat during the course of the evening, and snacks and drinks will be available.

I am going to be one of the artists featured in this show!! The show runs from February 6th to March 4th. So if you are in Chicago during that time period, stop by the Threadless store and check it out!!


Steven Perkins said...

I went to the Black Rock to get the dynamite but it's really old and unstable and this one guy was holding it and he suddenly exploded and it was crazy

jared said...


wednesday!!!!!!!!!! we're having a premiere party!!! i am so excited.

Caitlin said...

that's so awesome you are going to be in this show, but does this mean you won't be attending brad's b-day party that night? :)

jared said...

thank caitlin! i'll still be at Brad's bday party. i knew about this show awhile ago but i had to decide on one of them to go to and Brad won this time!!